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I shot for MUTEMATH back in 2009 at Club Nokia as my 4th concert ever taking photos and it changed my photography career dramatically. If you haven’t seen those set of photos, you can check them out.  

MUTEMATH is one of those bands that you must see before you die. They put on an amazing show and just go crazy the whole time. These photos are from their current Odd Soul tour in Dallas, Texas. Photo Notes: This was one of the harder shows I have shot. Insane light setup and strobes […]

Incubus was one of the first bands that made me obsessed with music. In high school, I would just sit in every class with my CD player and headphones (that wrapped around the back of my head cause that was cool) and blast Incubus and not pay attention to anything being taught. I really can’t […]

MUTEMATH is just simply amazing. They put on one of (if not the) best live shows ever. The have a new record coming out called Odd Soul and so far from what I have heard, it should be fantastic. The Troubadour is one of the most challenging venus to take photos at. No pit, always […]

I have been a long time fan of The Script. I got their album back in the day when it was only available in the UK. I took photos for them about a year ago in New York that they have a bunch of the shots featured on their website slide show (uncredited I might […]

You know a show is gonna be pretty sweet when the opening song Kanye West descends on the crowd from a crane. There was over 150 photographers in the pit, so it was a pretty rough shoot. None the less, it was a sweet show and a good time. Check out high res/prints over at […]

I’ve been a long time fan of the Black Keys. They are massive now so it was pretty sweet to take some photos of them at Cocahella. They were on the main stage, which is the best for lighting, but worst for photo pit. It was a good time. Check out high res/prints at my […]

Mumford and Sons put on an amazing show. If they are every around your area….go see them. They were for sure one of the most attended concerts at Coachella also. Probably about a half mile of people in all directions to watch them. It was a good time. Check out high res/prints over at my […]

I am a fan of Interpol and this was my first time seeing them live and I really enjoyed the show. They were on the main stage at Coachella and just at dusk so the lighting was just great. You can check out high res/get prints over at my smugmug.

Jonsi has been a major influence in my musical journey since I first discovered Sigur Ros a longgg time ago. I have havent had very much success shooting for him unfortunatly. When I shot for him at Coachella, it was in the day time. This time, it was being streamed on NPR, so it was […]

Here is, in my opinion, some of my best shots from Coachella. It was a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait till next year. You can see high res/get prints at my smugmug. ~Max

Grizzly Bear was sweet. They blended in nice with the whole Coachella vibe. I really enjoyed shooting their set even though it was pretty difficult with lighting and everything. They were way into the vibey dark lights. You can get prints/high res over at my smugmug. ~Max Shooting Notes: Grizzly Bear’s set was basically pitch […]

Passion Pit opened my Coachella experience and I was not disappointed. The frontman, Michael Angelakos, was going crazy. He was just jumping around and it was pretty intense trying to keep up with him. It was a great show. You can see high res/get prints at my smugmug. ~Max Shooting Notes: This was the first […]

I love Mute Math. I have been a fan for years and I recently shot them at Club Nokia and the shot of the drummer (Darren King) jumping back into the crowd was put in Spin Magazines soundcheck section. That photo has over a million hits on it now and is one of my favorites. […]

Corinne Bailey Rae is a grammy winning fantastic artist. She plays one of my favorite styles, the smooth jazz/blues. She was an interesting pick for Coachella but I thought it balanced out well. It was a good time and there was a ton of people there to see her. You can check out high res/get […]

I am a big fan of Imogen Heap. Her latest album is just fantastic and dare I say better than her first. She is really the 1 woman show. She would play all of the insturaments and than loop it all together and make all of her songs all by herself. It takes some skill […]


There were a lot of bands that played at Coachella. There were a lot of people that came out. But there was a massive turn out for Phoenix. I was pretty shocked by how many people were there because they were on a smaller stage. I am a big fan of Phoenix so I was […]

One of the most difficult shoots of all of my Coachella experience was Vampire Weekend. I got there a bit late, and there was about 100 photographers already in the pit on one of the smaller stages, so it was pretty rough. There is still some sweet shots in there. Check out the high res/prints […]

I have been a fan of Them Crooked Vultures since they released their first album. I love Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, and Josh Homme

Long time music veteran Les Claypool jammed it up at Coachella, like normal. They did some sweet jams and he can slap da bass like no ones business. You can see high res/get prints over at my smugmug. Enjoy. ~Max Shooting Notes: This was one of those shows where the lighting for the first 2 […]

The Dead Weather is one of Jack Whites many side/main projects. He knows music. He knows rock. The Dead Weather proves that. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much, but when they started playing, I was blown away. They rocked and showed me that rock music can still live, even in this world full […]

I’ve been a long time fan of Muse. I heard rumors that their live shows are just amazing, and the rumors were true. They were so tight and just blew me away. They would just jam but it was still just so Muse style. I loved every second of their set and was rockin out […]

What is there to say about Jay-Z other than that he is one of the few rappers that I have respect for. He is innovative and changes the game of rap in a genre where everything seems the same. Jay-Z played on the main Coachella stage and it was an amazing performance, and a very […]